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Cyfansoddiad Cymreig II: Ein Cyfansoddiad Cyfredol

Erthygl wreiddiol yn yr iaith Saesneg

Before considering what a Welsh Constitution might look like, the current UK constitution is worth a closer look.

As an unwritten, uncodified constitution the strengths and weaknesses were briefly looked at in Part I.

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YesCymru yn mynd o nerth i nerth wrth i'r gefnogaeth dros annibyniaeth dyfu

Erthygl wreiddiol yn yr iaith Saesneg.

It’s been an extraordinary year so far for campaigners for Welsh independence. The first march for independence took place in Cardiff in May and attracted over 3,000 participants, drawing media attention far beyond Wales. Eleven town and community councils have voted to back independence and in July, Gwynedd County Council became the first local authority in Wales to vote in favour of an independent Wales with 42 councillors in favour, four against, and five abstaining.


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